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Avalara Debuts Accountant Suite

Avalara has introduced a suite of products designed to help accounting professionals to provide  sales tax services for their clients. Avalara for Accountants brings together the previously released Avalara Managed Returns for Accountants with other modules.

 The suite “allows them to assist clients without adding resources”, Sona Akmakjian, global head of accounting partnerships for the cloud sales tax software company said in the lead up to this week’s Crush virtual conference. She added, “This can be a nice recurring revenue stream for accountants,:

Avalara will follow up the product introduction with resources that will help firms operate in the space.“One of the things we are working on is a playbook, which is not only product information It could be ROI tools. It could be templates for agreements, gotchas,” Akmakjian said.

The suit also includes Avalara Returns for Accountants TTR Tax Expert Access for Accountants and Avalara License Management for Accountants. Returns is for accountants with what Avalara describes as mature tax practices. Managed Returns is for those who wish to hand off the work to Avalara.Tax Expert Access includes DIY sales tax research tools plus plain-language explanations, historical information, rooftop-level tax rates, and Yes/No responses to share with clients. Licenses management offers built-in workflow management to support license research, acquisition, and renewal processes.

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