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Implementing a Systematic Approach to Growing Your Practice

If you have a “systematic approach” to marketing, your firm’s growth will be far better than if you use the “fly by the seat of your pants” approach.  That’s because a systematic approach is more predictable and consistent in delivering the results you want.

Systematic Approaches Are Used Everyday

Each weekend while watching sports, we see leading athletes use a systematic approach to deliver consistent, and superior, results.  In basketball, the systematic approach to free throw shooting used by Steve Nash, Dirk Novitski and Jason Kidd is far more effective than that used by Shaquille O’Neil or Ben Wallace.  In golf, Tiger Woods and Phil Michelson use a systematic approach for every single shot.

Whether it’s a system for making a cake, studying for an exam, processing payroll, or interviewing for a job, there is a process that we can adopt to improve our results and give ourselves the best possible outcome.  And we do this because it works.

So why would you have your firm go about marketing your services without a system?  Building your practice without a sales system is like driving your car with your eyes closed.

Think about it, would you sit for the CPA or EA exam without a process for studying?  Would you make a cake for Thanksgiving dinner without a proven recipe?  For you golfers, do you putt without a tried and true routine?  Of course not…

What is a Sales System?

A system is simply a series of steps designed to achieve a specific result.  It contains a set of principles, processes, strategies and approaches to deliver results day-in and day-out.  It is far more effective than that “fly by the seat of your pants” approach we discussed earlier.

Not All Sales Systems are Effective

Because our world is constantly changing, it’s important to keep your sales system current with today’s marketplace.  With the internet and do-not-call lists, a dusty old sales system from yesteryear won’t cut it today.

If you are serious about growth, here are three systems that are imperative for growing your practice:

1. System for Lead Generation
2. System for Converting Prospects
3. System for Selling More to Existing Clients

The easiest way to develop a sales system is to learn it from others who have more experience with marketing and selling techniques and have tested their effectiveness.  And after you implement a system, you’ll soon realize how much easier it is to consistently grow your practice.

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