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Tax Works 2012 software

I have been using Tax Works for a dozen years and have loved it. i have also used an Intuit product for two different tax seasons due to two office mergers when I operated my own full-time. I now have retained my office on a part-time basis and work elsewhere where we use a CCh product. So I am aware of other softwares. This year's product is just awful and I have yet to be able to complete fully one tax return because of the issues. I am well acquainted with software and beta testing etc... and it seems as if they did not test the new software platform in any manner adn just shoved this big cow plop of software out there to us users. The basic functions that we have come accustomed to having are "not yet available at this time". Unfortunately it is not so easy to just up and walk away like our clients can do if they are unhappy with our service and commitment. I highly doubt I will be using Tax Works after this season. Read more...


I studied and studied last summer and successfully passsed the RTRP in August. So now what? Am I an RTRP or not? When I called the IRS the person I spoke with stated he didn't know the answer to that question and I can't seem to find anyone that Does. If the IRS gets Congress' approval for the program will those of us that became RTRP's have to take the test over? The test was brutal! There is more to this than just PTIN issues and whether or not the IRS can require testing. Hopefully the IRS will win this as I've seen what unqualified preparers can do to returns. This is one time I hope the IRS wins. Thoughts from others? Read more...


As a proficient preparer, I don't have a problem with CPEs, but I do have a problem with having to go to a testing facility. Why can't the IRS do online training and testing? If E-filing is mandatory, why not E-training? Read more...

ATX problems?

Mr Fraser; Have you heard anything about ATX's problems with their latest 2012 program? We have been having problems with the program. Long time to load, long time to open an account (more than 30 minutes). They claim they are working on it and have come out with a couple of upgrades but they don't fix the problem. You have to wait up to 2 hours to get through them. We are loosing customers because of this. Read more...

IRS Preparer Regulations

I have been preparing returns for over 30 years. Now I need to be tested? The fact that they are not checking everyone, including CPAs and EAs, is ignoring the fact that some CPAs and EAs are resting on their credentials and not checking to see that all returns are done correctly in a timely manner, and without exhorbitant fees for the client. In this county, I have personally corrected every CPA and EA and not only corrected the returns, but saved the taxpayers literally thousands. Notably as well I have yet to charge what one CPA charged a client and that's after a year of doing their books! There should be a grandfather clause for those who have been preparing returns by simply auditing a few of their returns to see if they are done correctly. This should also be on all tax return preparers not just the unregulated ones. My education is just shy of 3 classes to complete the BA in accounting. The cost of the classes so far has totaled over $44,000 and at 63, I don't think I will live long enough to pay that off let alone do more. From what I have experienced the CPA designation does not mean much and just drives up the cost of taxpayers getting their taxes done. I would rather have a national flat rate with deductions for number of people in the family. Income under $50,000 would not pay anything. This could be done on a postcard and mailed in. We could do away with the IRS and have a private company handle the returns. At least they would know how to have proper customer service and not have calls unanswered and not even be able to leave a message. For Corporations the rate should be the same for all at 15% period. Read more...

Intuit Adds

I thought the adds were just funny. A lot of HR Block preparers have other jobs. They are funny. Read more...

IRS - PTIN Testing

Congratulations. In states, such as California, that require testing and continuing education for paid tax preparers, this is a victory. I can see IRS testing and education requirements for paid preparers in states that do not have a registration requirement. Read more...


This ruling would seem to imply that the IRS must resume issuing new PTINs to preparers without passing the competence test (which they stopped doing when the test became available about two years ago). Otherwise the ruling would have no effect -- these new preparers would have to pass the test to get their PTINs. Read more...

judge's ruling re preparers.

It really bothers me that 'unlicensed' preparers don't have to pass any competency test. It's safe to say that nobody loves the IRS, but for gosh sake let them do their job. This ruling allowing 'unlicensed preparers' to continue to file tax returns for a fee will only contribute to the deficit that all of us profess to hate. I would very much like to see the IRS win this one on appeal. Read more...


This whole article is a bunch of baloney. I've used ATX for more than 10 years. When I've called to ask about the many problems the program has this year I get a recorded message that hangs up on me. They had a fine program with lots of flexibility and for some strange reason they got rid of that concept and introduced a program that crashes constantly with no flexibility. However, the Public Relations flaks are doing a fine job of minimizing the enormity of the problem. Read more...

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