Thanking LapLink for Another Laptop Transition

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My new laptop arrived with Win 7 already installed and little else. My old, slow, error prone laptop had the programs and data files that I had been relying on for more than three years. Choices for me were to reinstall everything, manually copy all the data and then create the file links and options for each program. The data total was just over 50GB.
An old software hero has been updated to become my current hero. PCMover from Laplink ( makes upgrading and computer changing relatively easy. The first step is to download and install the software to both computers. The second step is to follow the onscreen instructions to initiate the software to identify what is on each computer. Connecting the two computers can be over a network, USB cable or Ethernet able. Ethernet worked fast, transferring the 50gb in less than 6 hours.

I have not yet tested all programs. However, Microsoft asked only once to validate its Office software. After the short online validation, every application in the enterprise edition was accepted. I reinstalled a few, had to reenter my website passwords and the system runs. Thanks Laplink!



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